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SUPERBOWL by Matt Pilcher video Download

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SUPERBOWL by Matt Pilcher video Download 

SUPERBOWL by Matt Pilcher is an incredibly unique take on a prediction effect. 

First, an envelope with a prediction inside is set down on the table. Then the cards are shown to have the different NFL teams written on them. The cards are shuffled and cut into two piles. Your spectator takes one card from each pile. The cards are shown, revealing two selected teams. At that point, the prediction is revealed (NO Switches). The prediction has a date written on it, and the spectator is asked to Google the Super Bowl for that date. This reveals that the two teams selected at random by the spectator are the very two teams from the Super Bowl of the predicted year. BUT WAIT! That's not all -- you end by handing the spectator another envelope, and inside that envelope is the WINNER of the upcoming Super Bowl. (A very useful piece of information to have!) 

This effect is VERY easy to perform but is a powerful piece of mentalism. It's also something you can perform year after year after year and is a PERFECT trick to perform during the playoffs. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the video now and start blowing people's minds!

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