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All Back Aces by Prasanth Edamana video DOWNLOAD

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All Back Aces by Prasanth Edamana video DOWNLOAD 

A powerful packet trick that ends clean and is examinable at the end. 

First, 5 cards have no faces - all backs! Then they turn into 5 Ace of Spades. One is placed into your pocket. Finally, they turn into 4 Aces of all different suits - looks amazing! 

All Back Aces by Prasanth Edamana is derived from Paul Gordon's wonderful trick called "Spectrum" from his Gold Dust Series. All Back Aces use a different sleight and has a different ending, along with logical patter for all the actions. 

Perfect routine for your table-hopping or walk-around routine. 

Download the video and start surprising your audience!

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