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Atra Obolus-Coin

$ 25.00
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  • Solid nickel coin of SINS
  • Limited Edition, just 200 coins made
  • Made by Black Nickel
  • Size 2″
  • Made by Coins for Anything


Atra Obolus is the coin of SINS. It is 2″ size, made by black nickel. There is the queen of Lust on a side and Prometheus the Snake on the other.

SINS’s story is inspired by the Original Sin and the Seven Deadly sins.

Adam, the first man and Eve, the first woman, lived in Eden, and they had just one rule: don’t eat the Apple of Knowledge. Prometheus, the Snake, told Eve the fruit would gave her the freedom, and she and Adam ate it. They was banned from the Eden: mortals, frail, naked – but definitely humans. Was the Snake an enemy?

The courts represent the seven deadly sins: In SINS Mentis there is Greed (Diamonds), Envy (Clubs), Pride (Spades) and Lust (Hearts).  In SINS Corpus there is Wrath (Diamonds), Gluttony (Clubs), Sloth (Spades) and Lust (Hearts). In SINS Anima there are all the sins, combined.

SINS is high-detailed, full of hidden meanings and simbology. The three decks also represents the philosophy behind the name Thirdway Industries: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

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