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Butterfly Playing Cards Marked 2nd Edition by Ondrej Psenicka

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Butterfly Playing Cards Marked 2nd Edition by Ondrej Psenicka

The deck that Fooled Penn and Teller. These unique cards encompass a beautiful design with two built in marking systems.

Butterfly Playing Cards strive for excellence, therefore everyedition surpasses the previous one.

There were a few aspects of the first edition that the creator of Butterfly deck, Ondrej Psenicka hasn't been 100% happy with. The second edition reprint takes the potential of the first one even higher and toward even more efficient practicality.

 There are 5 major design improvements in the second edition reprint:

 One-way suit markings were improved for visibility

  1. Two-way markings for Aces and Twos were enlarged for visibility
  2. Face pips were enlarged to match standard face gaff cards
  3. One-way feature of the faces was improved for visibility
  4. A secret third marking system has been added.

The paper stock has been matched to True Linen B9 Finish Standard of Cartamundi for better handling, softness and easier faro capabilities.

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