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Fontaine Carrots v2 Playing Cards

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Fontaine Carrots v2 Playing Cards 

Carrots v2 by Anwar Carrots edition Fontaines are the 13th deck of Fontaine Cards by Zach Mueller, made in collaboration with Carrots by Anwar Carrots. Carrots v2 are Black and Orange in color. A limited run of 10,000 decks printed.

Carrots v2 edition Fontaines are printed on Bicycle stock with premium finish by the United States Playing Card Company. Carrots v2 Fontaines come with orange and black faces, jumbo suit aces, two Carrots jokers, and two art cards featuring Carrots wordmark logo and illustrated Carrot by Japanese artist Verdy. They will be shipped from Art of Play in San Diego, estimated arrive on early April. Preorder now and we will start shipping once we receive the stock in hands.

Carrots v2 Fontaines will not be re-stocked or re-printed.  

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