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Hydrostatic Pint Glass by PropDog

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Hydrostatic Pint Glass by PropDog  

The Hydrostatic Pint Glass trick is a classic of magic! This trick has been performed by some of the greatest magicians in history! 

If you don't already know the routine, it goes something like this: The magician has a glass of liquid, and then covers it on the top with a beer mat, fan of cards or piece of paper. He turns it upside down, removes the cover, and the liquid stays in the glass (often performed over a spectator's head!). The magician then snaps his fingers and the liquid falls out, or he simply turns the glass back the right way and removes the cover (beer mat, fan of cards or piece of paper).

The only problem with previous versions is that they've used a cheap-looking, plastic glass -- the kind you might see at children's parties! Well, now we've added the PropDog touch to this classic of magic, making the gimmicked glass a modern, up-to-date pint glass, just like any glass you'd find in your local bar. It's made from an almost indestructible polycarbonate and has the hole that you'd find in the regular gimmicked glass. 

The other nice touch we've added is that the other part to the gimmick is laser cut from two pieces of 1mm thin acrylic and bonded together, unlike the cheaper injection-molded parts. This means that there's no plastic flashing or bits on the edge left over from the injection moulding process. Therefore, the gimmick fits 100% perfectly, so there's no risk of its not working properly (versus previous versions where you'd have to fiddle around, trying to get the gimmick to engage). 

Here's a great routine -- use this in conjunction with PropDog's Drink'in the News gimmick and even combined with a Torn and Restored Newspaper routine. Imagine - You take a newspaper, tear it up, restore it, take a jug of water, pour it into the newspaper, turn the newspaper upside down and nothing falls out. You then open the newspaper, show all the pages, then turn the paper the right side up again and pour the water out into a pint glass. You then cover the pint glass with the newspaper, turn it upside down and remove the newspaper and the liquid stays in the glass. You then click your fingers and the liquid falls out into the jug you started with. A great routine for cabaret or stage or that close up gig, where at the end, they ask you ask for one last trick in front of everybody. 


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