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Keep Smiling Playing Cards Collector's Set

$ 65.00
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Keep Smiling Playing Cards Collector's Set

  • The set includes all six designs of the Keep Smiling V2 series playing cards.
  • The hardcover gift box is crafted with premium paper, adorned with rose gold and blue foil stamping.
  • The hardcover gift box features magnetic closure.
  • All six card boxes are crafted with premium paper and features silver foil stamping.
  • The designs of the six cards are all unique.
  • Produced by Bacon Playing Card Company (BPCC).
Keep Smiling is one of the most popular cardistry brands in China, known for their highly creative and visually appealing deck designs, which are widely beloved by cardistry enthusiasts.

Sylvia is the name of this deck of cards, and also the name of the girl depicted on the back of the cards. She is a fictional forest girl, and everyone has their own forest and a hidden "second self" within. Perhaps we have never been there, but everything there seems to be prepared for us.
Sylvia uses a paintbrush to depict a series of stories wrapped in purity and gentleness. For her, this is eternal, a precious time hidden in the forest.

Spring Blossoms:
Compared to the other five designs in the same series, the design of Spring Blossoms appears particularly unique in style. I designed this deck of cards from the perspective of a child.
In the spring garden, children play freely, as if they are also flowers in the garden. Perhaps "as if" shouldn't be used, as the innocence of children is the most obvious manifestation of pure flowers. So why shouldn't a painting of spring blossoms be inspired by the carefree perspective of a child?

The inspiration for Yield came to me while reading "The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection." The deck combines elements of flowers and music, both of which are indispensable and beloved aspects of my life.
"Surrender" may seem weak and negative at face value, but it's actually a very powerful word. Surrender doesn't mean doing nothing. Instead, it requires us to overcome inner fears and negativity, earnestly completing every mission and challenge that fate presents to us. This is the wisdom of going with the flow.

Iceflower is a continuation of the design from Keep Smiling v1, but with more careful consideration. This deck also has the longest design time among the six in the series. It was created using a scraper ink hand-painting technique, and the final design was scanned onto the cards. After six months of design, it was finally completed, and the layout also uses a more suitable cutting layout for flowers.

I believe that this design will be loved by cardistry enthusiasts. Whether it's spreading or cutting the cards, it provides a great visual experience. So the text on the cards reads "For Cardistry." The design of the card faces is also particularly special, with colors split in half, using a non-traditional yellow border. It's also a new visual experience!

The choice of orange and blue in Dimming represents the conflict between light and darkness in my heart. The card faces feature elements such as "blindfolds," "flowers," and "girls." Poet Zhai Yongming wrote a poem called "Woman," and everyone calls her the poet of the night. Before designing this deck, I had not read her poetry collection, but while describing to a friend what I wanted to express, it coincidentally resonated with the content of her poetry.
The girl wears a blindfold, and the perspective we see is bright and glamorous, but what lies behind it with the blindfold on? It's darkness. I accumulate strength in the darkness, becoming the glamorous person, but only I know the darkness I've experienced. Accept the challenges life throws at you, and then life's miracles may appear.

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