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KICK THE MONTE by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD

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KICK THE MONTE by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD 

The power of the original Color Monte was that no matter what choices your spectator made, they were being fooled by just 3 cards. Emerson and West really knew how to structure an effect with MINIMAL props! 

KICK THE MONTE is my ode to these great creators of magic. 

But now I have taken this plot to the NEXT LEVEL. Introducing a first in the world of magic. Now YOU can choose which method you want to perform, as I include 3 KILLER ideas: 

Totally Impromptu Method - Any deck anytime... no set up! 

Semi-Gimmick Method - A small set up, but allows a GREAT visual moment! 

Ultra Self-working Gimmick Method - This is the version I use in my professional set and the one you see in the trailer! 

Download it now and KICK THE MONTE into your own show TODAY!

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