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Luna Moon Playing Cards

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Luna Moon Playing Cards

The Luna Playing Card includes 2 versions: a Classic case Edition and a Deluxe case Edition. Both editions are highly limited with only 2500 each.

We wanted to incorporate the different phases of the moon into the case, but it was extremely to show visually demonstrate in a normal case. An idea came to us while peeling an orange: to open the case with multiple layers and each layer representing a phase of the moon from empty to full.

The case is fanned open to produce a stunning and dazzling experience. Through the gaps between the different cases, the different phases of the moon are uncovered. Every element of the case is a true testament to craftsmanship and imagination.

The back of the card is the view of the starry night sky looking into the Milky Way. With the sun is in the far distant background, the Moon shines guidance to all. The deep indigo background contrasts nicely with the golden light reflected off the Moon.

The box of the Deluxe Editon is made from Kurz foil paper from Germany and Neenah Paper from France are carefully chosen to construct the case. These special materials each cost more than 7 times of regular supplies. Every box is completely hand-crafted by skilled artisans, and each takes 15 to 20 minutes to create. Their devotion and expertise can be felt from the moment you pick up the deck.

The Deck will be printed with USPCC, Air Cushion Finish, Casino Stock. We guarantee that the deck will arrive in the PERFECT Condition. 

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