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O N E by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD

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O N E by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD 

O N E is the SUPER easy-to-perform GAME changer in the plot of the Matrix! 

O N E has EVERYTHING you could ever want in a Matrix and so much more. 

Effect: A card is peeked and remembered. The wrong card is produced and instead of giving up, our magical hero decides to perform just O N E more effect. 

The wrong card is torn into 4 pieces and without any funny moves, the pieces start to move around the table (any surface but gravel) in a Matrix-like fashion. 

At the end, the pieces are turned over and the wrong card has now changed to their peeked-at card. Then one of the pieces is signed by your spectator and gathered with the other 3. In THEIR hands, the card is fully restored... signed and all! 

I teach stand up and sit-down versions that can be customized to ANY performing venue! 

Download the video and learn O N E... today!

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