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Oppenheimer Fission Playing Cards by Room One

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Oppenheimer Fission Playing Cards by Room One

Oppenheimer Playing Cards Fission edition (Cardistry version) by Room One Cards. These cards are designed specifically for cardistry and are part of the Oppenheimer Playing Cards series.

They use SLEIGHT stock, making them feel lighter and ideal for cardistry. The design showcases line art depicting the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as the father of the atomic bomb. It's the first deck inside the Room One Collection, there an extra Ace of Spade.

Feature: Embossed tuck box, tuck box inner graphics, Room One Collection system, fully customized design.

Stock & Finish: Sleight stock & Velvety finish (270g)

Stock: SLEIGHT (270g paper)

Finish: VELVETY specifically designed for cardistry enthusiasts Offers excellent handling for cardistry moves and sleight of hand simplistic visuals with impactful effects utilizes the sleight stock, chosen to enhance card manipulation thin and lightweight for smooth handling. Includes key elements of the original deck, such as the atomic bomb and logos Room One Collection.

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