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The Vault - Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii video DOWNLOAD

$ 19.99

The Vault - Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii video DOWNLOAD 

Looks as astonishingly real as it can get! 

The performer holds a borrowed cigarette (or a small twig, or a rolled-up bill) in each hand by the thumb and forefinger. The two objects pass through each other like REAL MAGIC! No switches, nothing is added or taken away. A super visual penetration of two objects! What you see on the demo video is how it looks live! Perform anywhere!

  • No threads!
  • No magnets!
  • No sticky tape!
  • No wax!
  • No camera tricks or edits!

Download the video today!

Note: The teaching video plays twice. Once with Japanese subtitle and once with English subtitle :)

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