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Transition by Way and Himitsu Magic

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Transition by Way and Himitsu Magic 

Audiences love seeing one object magically transform into another. And turning Coke into water? WOW! 

Transition is a very visual magic. 


1. Cola slowly flows out and changes into water. Slowly pour the bottle into a glass. As the liquid flows from behind your hand, the stream is cola above your hand, yet water below your hand. Incredible! 

2. The whole bottle of Coke instantly becomes boiled water. One magic gesture and it happens instantly and visually. Must be seen! 


1. The complete Coke is displayed in front of the audience. 

2. Both hands can be checked before and after the performance. 

3. The cup can be completely checked. 

4. Suitable for close-up, stage, and TV shows.

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