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WHERE IS SANTA? by Magie Climax

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WHERE IS SANTA? by Magie Climax  


The perfect trick for Christmas. 

If no one has ever seen Santa Claus, it's because Santa Claus and the elves have a great power: they are able to change places in a snap! 

To prove it to you, you take out some cards and indeed, Santa Claus is never where he should be! 

At the end, Santa Claus disappears and is found in the holder that was previously empty! 

WHERE IS SANTA? is a three-phase trick that can even close your show. 
In the last phase, Santa Claus disappears. Instead of making him reappear in the holder, you can pretend that if he's gone, it's because it's time... time to distribute gifts to children. 
And at this moment, Santa Claus comes on stage to distribute the gifts! 

Climax Manufacturing - Made in France 
Size of cards: 14 x 21 cm 
Very easy to do - Simple to follow 
Perfect for a Christmas Party 
Packs small - Plays big 
Video instructions (link) in French and in English

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